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Customised Sofa

Establishing your aspects of luxury through each and every corner of your home could appraise the infinite royal perspective before your guests. For that, experimenting with furniture designs create a unique integrity for your furnishings as well as creates a modular spectrum through the style which you adopted in designing the furnishings. Beauty Furnishing, The Best Customised sofa shop in Mumbai.

Custom Sofa comes with a perfect designer finish and it meets all the shape demands which help with supporting body along curves and natural lines of the body. We provide comfortable designs to reduced back, neck and joint pains and promote superior blood circulation and maintain all the aspect of customer health. By using the possibilities of customisation you can able to decide the dimensions of your sofa.

In Beauty Furnishing, You can decide the number of seating you required in each sofa. We also provide a multi- quilted pattern for fashionable finish appeal. It has top quailed finished with medium and soft finish touch that is made on the special demand of the customer. Our experts are very talented and brilliant with years of experience in the field.

Perfect solution for maximising space in your lounge

" We offer customisation to the standard sofa to make it convenient & suitable for your Interiors. "

" We Fabricate the sofas which you have seen in your imaginations. "

"Taking pride in attention to detail and craftsmanship used, we aim to deliver all items within a quick turn around time. "

" In Beauty Furnishing, Our clients feel the attention to detail and care with which their furniture pieces are attended to by our artisans "

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